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Queensland Register of Nominees to Government Bodies

All Queenslanders are eligible to join the Queensland Register of Nominees to Government Bodies to be considered for appointment to a range of government boards and committees. The Queensland Government is committed to promoting the inclusion of people with a disability on Queensland Government bodies and ensuring that these bodies do not miss out on the diversity, experience and skills that people with a disability can contribute.

How to apply - join the register

To join the register and be eligible for appointment to serve on a Queensland Government body, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Prepare a curriculum vitae

Prepare a curriculum vitae of one to two pages (maximum) in length. This document should give a clear, concise and accurate record of your skills and experiences. It should include:

your full name

  • current contact details, including telephone numbers and email address

  • qualifications and professional registrations (if any)

  • employment history (including details of current and previous positions)

  • other skills and experience or involvement outside of employment (including current and previous board or committee memberships)

  • contact details of two referees

Step 2 – Submit a registration form

Join online (18 years and over)

Join the register online by completing and submitting the online registration form, attaching an electronic version of your curriculum vitae.

Join by post

You can also join the register by downloading the registration form. Complete the form, indicating your areas of professional experience or interest, and sign it.

Queensland register of nominees - registration form (PDF, 243 KB)

Post or scan/email your completed registration form and curriculum vitae to:

Queensland Register of Nominees to Government Bodies
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
PO Box 15185

More information

For more information regarding the Queensland Register of Nominees to Government Bodies:



(07) 3003 9247